Superior product performance thanks to 

quality and original components.

As a composite packaging, the IBC owes its quality and performance to the perfect interplay of its individual components. As there are practically no IBC components that do not affect the safety of the container, SCHÜTZ develops and tests all components for possible interactions throughout the full packaging life cycle. That is why customers using reconditioned SCHÜTZ ECOBULKS should make sure that only OEM parts were used in the reconditioning process.

  • New original, sealed outlet valves.New original, sealed outlet valves.
  • PS 16-186 Broschüre_Ticket_Service_lay3.indd
  • Cleaning and, if required, repairs of bottom plates.Cleaning and, if required, repairs of bottom plates.
  • Replacement of the corner guards.Replacement of the corner guards.

RECOBULK always offers the top reconditioning standard:

  • Inner bottles along with screw caps and valves are replaced by new original components.
  • Use of SCHÜTZ OEM parts to replace components earns the container new UN certification for a further five years.
  • Because all parts which come into contact with the filling goods are replaced, RECOBULK containers meet the same high standards of quality and safety as new SCHÜTZ ECOBULKs.


The SCHÜTZ Production System

Our products are required to meet the most exacting demands in day-to-day use all over the world. The globally standardised SCHÜTZ Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Management System (SHEQ) is certified according to international standards. It is designed to ensure that all statutory and technical requirements are met and to ensure lasting superior product performance.

All QM-relevant processes and parameters are globally standardised and subject to constant quality monitoring for compliance with SCHÜTZ SHEQ policy.

We ourselves produce all of the key components for our packaging products on the basis of the highest possible vertical range of manufacture.

Our production system guarantees full global transparency and 100% traceability of the components, materials and processes used.

Ongoing practical and laboratory tests at our own test labs additionally guarantee continuous quality control.

We additionally employ an independent certification institute to perform regular audits and external monitoring.

Our products for special areas of application (e.g., for hazardous substances, foods, use in ex-zones), offer full compliance with all international requirements and hold relevant certification.


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