SCHÜTZ DIPTUBE – The closed discharge system for maximum security and best quality protection.

Our innovative SCHÜTZ DIPTUBE mechanism coupled with the
SCHÜTZ dry-break valve provides a reliable, cost effective solution to all your liquid extraction needs.


  • The patented design has a tolerance of  ±25 mm at the end of the tube
  • Enables optimum residual emptying
  • Acts as a shock absorber between the base of the container and the discharge valve
  • This prevents potential damage/valve failures

SCHÜTZ dry-break valve

  • Made of highly chemical-resistant materials and tested for safe long-term use
  • Glass fiber reinforced polypropylene
  • EPDM, FKM, PE seals
  • Stainless steel compression spring

The system can be used with SCHÜTZ ECOBULK and SCHÜTZ tight-head drums:

  • Liquid extraction system, developed and produced in-house, consisting of: SCHÜTZ DIPTUBE mechanism and dry-break
  • It is compatible with threads of standard connection systems
  • The SCHÜTZ DIPTUBE can be ordered in various standard lengths
  • Custom length requirements can be met upon request


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