ECOBULK SX-D – Making safe even safer.

Active risk minimisation for demanding filling products

  • Fire resistance tested and confirmed by FM Global and Underwriters Laboratories in a standard fire test with sprinklers
  • Packaging recognised as minimising risks during transport and storage
  • Especially recommended for sensitive filling products with a demand for extra protection, e. g. class 6.1
  • Benefit from lower property insurance premiums through the application of a generally reduced storage risk

The double wall construction guarantees the
highest safety and prevents the leakage of the
filling product even under extreme conditions:

  • The first composite IBC with the FM APPROVED seal
  • Approved for filling products with flashpoint ≥ 37.8 °C / 100 °F according to FM 6020 test
  • Suitable for transport of flammable and combustible liquids (if storage according to NFPA 30 code is required: combustible liquids only)
  • Discharge through the dip-tube and/or a pump system
  • Suitable for use in ex-zones 1 and 2

Datasheet ECOBULK SX-D
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