ECOBULK with SCHÜTZ Impeller – Safe and efficient stirring without having to open the container.


ECOBULK with SCHÜTZ IMPELLER – Your advantages

  • We supply your ECOBULK with a one-way stirrer
  • Depending on the process and container configuration the container can be filled without removing the IMPELLER
  • After filling the ECOBULK remains closed throughout the entire supply chain right until the filling product is discharged – including during stirring processes
  • There is no risk of contamination caused by product residues on multiple-use stirrers, hence eliminating the need for time-consuming cleaning and controls
  • Existing agitator drives can be easily and quickly attached to the SCHÜTZ IMPELLER
  • Highest level of health protection: all contact with hazardous filling products is completely avoided, including the stirring process
  • After emptying the whole container is collected by SCHÜTZ and the IMPELLER is 100 % recycled for materials

The system consists of an ECOBULK MX/SX or HX with an IMPELLER, and it has been specially developed for filling products that require stirring or homogenisation in the supply chain.

  • The one-way stirrer is available for 1,000 and 1,250 litre ECOBULK containers with DN 150 and DN 225 openings
  • With the SCHÜTZ IMPELLER the ECOBULK can remain closed throughout the entire supply chain right through to emptying
  • You eliminate contamination risks during application and increase process safety and user friendliness

Brochure SCHÜTZ ECOBULK Impeller

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Datasheet ECOBULK Impeller
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