PackAGing that adds the highest economic and environmental efficiency to your supply chain.

The ideal packaging system for any transport task – every day and all over the world, millions of packaging systems by SCHÜTZ are used to transport and store products safely. From simple chemicals, hazardous goods to highly sensitive products such as foods, we dependably supply customers with sustainable packaging solutions.

SCHÜTZ Newsflash September 2023

Almost all manufacturing companies today are faced with the challenge of making their processes more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint. A cornerstone of this endeavour is having an efficient packaging cycle in place. In a new guide, SCHÜTZ sheds light on the individual aspects, explains how they are connected and shows ways of implementing them effectively.

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Schütz Ecobulk SX-D: Doppelte Sicherheit für brennbares Gefahrgut

The transport and storage of flammable hazardous liquids are among the greatest challenges in packaging management. Schütz has developed the Ecobulk SX-D specifically to offer maximum protection for t…
PACKAGING SYSTEMS trade show dates

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Abrafati Show 2023

11/21/2023 - 11/23/2023
São Paulo (Brazil)
Hall / Booth
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SCHÜTZ News May 2023


  • Packaging innovations and holistic solutions for a sustainable circular economy
  • Innovative IBC components for the highest process security and cleanliness
  • Double safety for flammable hazardous goods
  • Our new full plastic frame pallet sets standards for automated transport in warehouses
  • World premiere for the fully galvanized SCHÜTZ Laser Drum: comprehensive corrosion protection thanks to new production technology
  • Product portfolio expanded by adding new plastic jerrycans
  • Guideline for an eco-friendly packaging cycle
  • SCHÜTZ GREEN LAYER: Reduce the carbon footprint of packaging and achieve sustainability goals
  • A pioneer of the circular economy: SCHÜTZ speeds up the expansion of its global production and service network
  • Advanced technologies for greater sustainability: our successful partnership with Boris Herrmann & Team Malizia

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