Special protection for the highest quality and food safety.

Few segments have such high demands when it comes to packaging as the food industry.
Minimise the contamination risk for your filling products with SCHÜTZ FOODCERT in accordance with FSSC 22000:

Traditionally, the focus for FDA-approved plastic packaging is on the type and the characteristics of the materials, in order to assess their suitability for contact with food, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics. Until now, potential risks within the manufacturing process have been largely disregarded in the FDA standard. This can lead to serious contamination.

In order to prevent process-related sources of contamination effectively, SCHÜTZ has additionally implemented a dedicated management system in compliance with DIN EN ISO 22000:2005. Following meticulous HACCP risk analysis, SCHÜTZ has introduced prevention programmes in accordance with ISO/TS 22002-4 that cover the entire chain – from the delivery of raw materials to the dispatch of finished products.

This comprehensive approach means that SCHÜTZ FOODCERT offers the highest possible degree of quality and safety for your filling products. Our FOODCERT standard is based on the Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000, which is recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), thus documenting the highest standard of food safety for your customers.


Product Information SCHÜTZ FOODCERT

Risk management for food safety

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This standard was specially developed for the certification of food safety systems in companies operating in the food supply chain, including producers of food packaging. The internationally recognised process certifies processes on the basis of the existing ISO 22000 standard and ISO/TS 22002-4, a technical specification for industry-specific prerequisite programmes (PRP). FSSC 22000 is one of the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognized schemes.

More efficiency, less expense –
the SCHÜTZ system for foods.

You would like to concentrate on your core business instead of operating expensive, time-consuming multitrip packaging systems?
Then benefit from the advantages of our composite IBCs as compared with conventional steel containers:

New administrative freedom – no tracking of containers, no administration of container condition and location

No cleaning, no repairs – instead, you get IBCs with inner bottles fresh from the factory

Greater safety for your filling goods – no risk of contamination from poorly cleaned packaging

Lower tare weight – simpler handling and more cost-efficient transport

No expensive collection logistics – instead, free collection and ecological reconditioning with the SCHÜTZ TICKET SERVICE

Advantages of an EVOH permeation and
oxygen barrier:


  • Extends the shelf life and ensures maximum quality for your filling products
  • Keeps oxygen and other gases safely outside
  • Highly effective barrier against oils, greases and solvents (e.g., alcohol)
  • Protects filling goods from oxidation, vitamin loss and microbial infestation
  • Odour and flavour barrier
  • Ideal for nitrogen blanketing

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