SCHÜTZ GREEN LAYER WITH UN CERTIFICATION – Taking resource conservation to new heights.

SCHÜTZ GREEN LAYER IBCs and PE-drums with optional UN certification are the ideal ecological packaging for many applications:

  • F1 tight-head drum GREEN LAYER
    Volume:220 l
    Certification:UN or NON-UN
    Packaging weight:8.1 kg
    CO2-savings:5.1 kg
    Proportion of recyclate in plastic:40 %
  • S-DS1 open-head drum GREEN LAYER


    Packaging weight

    Body weight

    CO2 savings


    30 l

    2.1 kg

    1.5 kg

    0.9 kg

    UN or NON-UN

    60 l

    3.5 kg

    2.5 kg

    1.6 kg

    120 l

    5.5 kg

    4.5 kg

    2.8 kg

    150 l

    6.2 kg

    4.9 kg

    3.1 kg

    220 l

    9.5 kg

    7.5 kg

    4.7 kg

With our new SCHÜTZ GREEN LAYER packaging we are increasing the proportion of recycled materials even further:

  • The middle layer of our modern three-layer IBC inner bottles and drum bodies consists of high-quality recyclate and represents 40 % of the used material
  • This means additional CO2 savings of 9.1 kg per IBC and up to 5.1 kg for each drum
  • Both the inner layer and the outer layer are made of new material
  • The filling product and the environment only come into direct contact with new material
  • For fast and easy checking of the filling level the IBC features sight strips

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Datasheet PE drum GREEN LAYER
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