New plastic frame pallet – Combines maximum cleanliness and Hygiene with optimum conveyor handling properties.

The new plastic frame pallet is ideally suited for automated warehousing and transport as well as for use with food and other sensitive applications:

  • The frame geometry ensures smooth forward and sideways transport
  • The large and smooth contact surfaces make the pallet ideal for roller and chain conveyor systems
  • The wide and robust frame also offers enormous advantages when lifting and lowering filled IBCs in the conveyor line
  • Large, smooth surfaces on the corner blocks, e.g. for barcode labelling
  • Resistant to soiling and damage
  • ECOBULK MX with full plastic frame pallet

    In combination with a plastic bottom plate, the pallet meets the highest demands

    • No pallet corrosion
    • Very good chemical resistance
    • Easy to clean
    • Ideally suited for food and other sensitive applications
  • ECOBULK MX with plastic frame pallet

    The pallet can optionally be configured to include the proven SCHÜTZ steel bottom plate

    • Depending on the intended use and filling product, we recommend the use of the acid protector for the outlet area

Innovative design thanks to the latest production

  • Produced completely in a single piece with moulded corner blocks
  • Highly robust construction made of extremely impact-resistant HDPE
  • Maximum stability and durability
  • Highest resistance and cleanliness
  • UN approval included

The extra-robust pallet further improves the carbon footprint of SCHÜTZ IBCs:

  • Manufactured from SCHÜTZ's own high quality recycled plastic material
  • Can be reused frequently as part of the SCHÜTZ TICKET SERVICE

Datasheet Plastic Frame Pallet
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