Upgrade SCHÜTZ FOODCERT & CLEANCERT – Easy to use and enhanced originality protection.

New standard: CC/FC Breather

  • For fast and safe ventilation of the container during emptying
  • No need to open the screw cap or the bung
  • This rules out potential contamination risks
  • Yellow screw in the bung can be easily opened without the need for tools
  • Available with and without a permanent vent

New standard: Peelable Seal Foil

  • Tamper-proof seal of originality that removes without residues with intuitive handling
  • No metal contact with the filling product
  • Material conformity for contact with foods
  • Fast and easy handling – no tools required
  • Alternative to the aluminium foil seal – no metallic shreds that can come into contact with the filling product
  • No edges for product residues to stick to

SCHÜTZ FOODCERT and CLEANCERT packaging stand for maximum cleanliness and safety in use. Now, with two new components, we are raising the standard even higher:

  • The CC/FC breather ensures fast and safe ventilation of the container during filling product removal
  • The new seal foil for outlet valves is both fast and supremely easy to use – and provides better protection for filling products

Datasheet CC/FC Breather for ECOBULK
Download PDF
Peelable seal foil for the ECOBULK
Download PDF

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