ECOBULK CLEANCERT + DUALPROTECT – Highest protection for technically demanding filling products.


The world’s most successful IBC system – now with dual protection!

  • The packaging is delivered “ready to fill”, i.e. it is not necessary to insert an inliner
  • The SCHÜTZ packaging system is highly robust – the UN approval for hazardous goods also applies to the variant with the liner
  • In contrast to multiple-use systems, there is no risk of contamination caused by residues of previous filling products
  • By filling into the integrated liner the general risk of contamination for the filling product is further minimised
  • The shelf-life of the filling product is prolonged and consistent quality is assured from filling to discharge
  • The liner prevents changes to the filling product caused by exposure to the air – e.g. skin formation or hardening
  • Nitrogen blanketing, which is necessary when using other types of containers, is not required
  • There is no risk of the filling product coming into contact with the condensate that can form inside the inner bottle

Extra safe and user-friendly – the new ECOBULK CLEANCERT + DUALPROTECT delivers great benefits along the entire supply chain.

  • The liner integrated in the inner bottle provides an effective additional, independent barrier
  • For the highest safety and maximum user-friendliness these IBCs are delivered “ready to fill”
  • This makes them ideal for very demanding and sensitive filling products with special safety and cleanliness specifications

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