SCHÜTZ VASITEX is a joint venture set up for providing best possible support in packaging systems to the Brazilian market. The company combines the unique production and service competence of SCHÜTZ …


Our product and service portfolio – a full lifecycle solution.

SCHÜTZ VASITEX offers an integrated system of packaging production and added value services, which can be perfectly configured to meet the individual needs of our customers and ensures best environmental performance.


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SCHÜTZ News May 2023


  • Packaging innovations and holistic solutions for a sustainable circular economy
  • Innovative IBC components for the highest process security and cleanliness
  • Double safety for flammable hazardous goods
  • Our new full plastic frame pallet sets standards for automated transport in warehouses
  • World premiere for the fully galvanized SCHÜTZ Laser Drum: comprehensive corrosion protection thanks to new production technology
  • Product portfolio expanded by adding new plastic jerrycans
  • Guideline for an eco-friendly packaging cycle
  • SCHÜTZ GREEN LAYER: Reduce the carbon footprint of packaging and achieve sustainability goals
  • A pioneer of the circular economy: SCHÜTZ speeds up the expansion of its global production and service network
  • Advanced technologies for greater sustainability: our successful partnership with Boris Herrmann & Team Malizia

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