Ecologically reconditioning

with original components.

You can assume the quality of your reconditioned packaging is sufficiently high – or be certain with RECOBULK. As a composite packaging system, all components are developed and tested with regard to their interaction throughout the entire life cycle.

The use of original SCHÜTZ parts to replace used components ensures the highest standard of safety and the new UN approval for the container is valid for a further five years.


New original screw cap

New label plates are attached

New original, sealed outlet valves

Cleaning and, if required, repairs

Cleaning; replacement of the corner guards if required

Steel grid is cleaned

Brand new original inner bottle

RECOBULK containers are only reconditioned on certified production lines using resource-friendly processes in compliance with the highest environmental and safety standards.


The used inner bottles are removed and ground up in a closed-cycle washing and cleaning process to produce pure HDPE recyclate.


Global collection and reconditioning helps to protect natural resources and saves hundreds of thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gases every year. Each RECOBULK saves approx. 100 kg of CO2 emissions compared with a new IBC.