Convenient and cost-efficient –
our trip-leasing services.

As economic alternative to buying new or reconditioned IBCs, we offer customised trip-leasing systems. More than unprecedented savings, these systems provide environmental security by assuring a correct destination of the residuals and allowing a better product tracking which prolongs the lifetime of the containers. As a result, trip-leasing customers benefit from reduced container losses and are able to calculate with fixed asset costs.


The APV is a logistic system controlled by SCHÜTZ VASITEX proprietary software NTS. In this category of service, the IBCs are identified by tags with barcodes and registered in the NTS software to control and report the IBC logistic flow. Once dispatched, we manage the complete reverse logistic operation in any region of the country. Being recollected after their first cycle, the IBCs are cleaned and decontaminated or rebottled, making them ready for a new cycle.


  • Delivery freight
  • No fixed assets costs
  • Standard IBC configuration
  • Collect freight (reverse logistics)
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Residual treatment certified by ISO 14001
  • Fleet management system via Web (NTS)


At the APD System, there are no predefined periods or cycles for the container utilization. In this category of service, the containers can be used many times and the services included at the APV system can be hired separately – the perfect solution for internal warehousing of chemical liquids for a short period.


The GPV system is similar at the APV system but applied at the customer’s container fleet.

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