comprehensive packaging solutions.

SCHÜTZ offers customers an integrated overall concept and professional advice on all packaging and transport questions. We help our customers to optimise their supply chain by analysing all processes and points along their supply chain – from both an economic and ecological point of view.

When organising and improving supply chains for packaging and logistics we set ourselves two main goals:

Different types of packaging differ significantly in terms of their economic and ecological performance.

Compared with standard packaging, optimised packaging can generate enormous savings, for instance in overseas transport with subsequent distribution in the destination country:

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CO₂ emissions


Example: Greater cost-effectiveness with SCHÜTZ IBCs:

While only 4 drums with a volume of 800 litres can be transported on a single pallet, an IBC contains a volume of 1,000 litres. Thus an IBC replaces 5 drums – and only needs the same space as 4 drums.



IBCs retrieved by SCHÜTZ are not only washed and cleaned. All components that come into contact with the filling goods are exchanged and replaced with new components. All models receive a new permit and offer complete product safety.


SCHÜTZ IBCs save on space: With each transport, with each loading process – in comparison with a steel or plastic drum – 25% more filling goods can be transported with the same space requirement.


With 1,000 litres of filling goods, 5 drums all need to be opened, filled, closed and, if applicable, labelled. With an IBC, all of these steps need only be carried out once.


Drums must be individually or jointly stretched on pallets; IBCs include a pre-selected pallet and can be transported directly as a fixed unit. Accordingly, it will take 2 workers 90 minutes to load and unload a truck with (unstretched) drums, while a truck with IBCs can be unloaded using a forklift truck in only 20 minutes.


Thanks to standardised ISO dimensions, IBCs ideally utilise the entire volume of the container. In comparison: a 20’ container can only hold 80 drums with 16,000 litres, while 20,000 litres of your product can be transported in 20 IBCs in the same space.


SCHÜTZ IBCs save space because an IBC holds 25% more filling goods in the same amount of space as a steel or PE drum.


Emptying the IBC is easy thanks to the standard discharge valve or specialised emptying systems. This process is much easier and faster than emptying drums, as 5 drums need to be individually opened, checked and emptied for the same volume of filling goods.


SCHÜTZ IBCs are collected from the consumer after emptying by the worldwide SCHÜTZ TICKET SERVICE.