Our latest packaging innovations – discover more now!

Each filling good has characteristic properties and each supply chain has its individual challenges. This awareness inspires us to continually develop our products and services in order to offer you the optimum solution for your specific packaging needs. 

Current innovations

SCHÜTZ GREEN LAYER with UN certification – Taking resource conservation to its highest level of quality.
SCHÜTZ SC1 JERRYCANS – The solution for small filling quantities from 5 to 30 litres.
New plastic frame pallet – Combines maximum cleanliness and Hygiene with optimum conveyor handling properties.
3-SKID STEEL PALLET – Optimised for high-rack warehouses and conveyor systems.
SCHÜTZ LASER DRUM – Comprehensive corrosion protection through a revolutionary production process.
SCHÜTZ DRUMFIX – Forming safe loading units: fast, efficient and environment-friendly.
ECOBULK SX-D – Making safe even safer.
ECOBULK SX-D-OV – Double safety with protected Outlet valve.
ECOBULK MX 560 – Compact design for the highest flexibility at full performance.
Upgrade SCHÜTZ FOODCERT & CLEANCERT – Easy to use and enhanced originality protection.
SCHÜTZ INFO-ID – The direct link to your packaging information.
SCHÜTZ DIPTUBE – The closed discharge system for maximum security and best quality protection.
SCHÜTZ AUTOMATIC LOCK for IBCs – Seal Cap System with originality protection.
ECOBULK with SCHÜTZ Impeller – Safe and efficient stirring without having to open the container.
ECOBULK FOODCERT + DUALPROTECT – The highest packaging safety for your food products.
ECOBULK CLEANCERT + DUALPROTECT – Highest protection for technically demanding filling products.

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