SCHÜTZ DRUMFIX – Forming safe loading units: fast, efficient and environment-friendly.

Easy and fast installation – The DRUMFIX geometry was developed to fit perfectly with the bottom drum seam:

  • Only one screw is required for securing each SCHÜTZ DRUMFIX element
  • In case of increased safety requirements, the DRUMFIX elements can be fastened with additional screws
  • We generally recommend securing the group of drums with a plastic strap
  • The inexpensive DRUMFIX elements are made of glass fibre-reinforced plastic recyclate
  • Reuse by the customer/recipient is possible
  • Free collection by the SCHÜTZ TICKET SERVICE for resource-saving material recycling

The new single-use system for reliable securing of four steel tight-head drums on a wooden pallet:

  • For transporting filled and empty drums
  • Full stackability and unrestricted transportability are retained
  • Delivery of pre-assembled, ready-to-fill loading units possible
  • No additional outer packaging such as foil, pallets, straps etc. required
  • No handling with long and dangerous screws, no complicated reusable system

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