ECOBULK MX 560 – Compact design for the highest flexibility at full performance.


Safe and highly efficient packaging solution for all applications and uses where smaller container sizes are beneficial:

  • Easier handling due to lower container weight in filled and unfilled state
  • Lower capital tie-up for costly filling goods
  • Reduced storage time with low product turnover items
  • Decreased risk of product spoilage through aging, oxidation processes, etc.
  • Manifold applications thanks to a broad product range and certified processes
  • Optional features: FOODCERT, CLEANCERT, EX protection, EVOH permeation barrier
  • Perfect for use in agriculture / agro-chemistry: with Check Valve back-flow prevention and G2 BreatherPlus plug

Benefit from the highest SCHÜTZ quality and the additional flexibility offered by our ECOBULK MX 560:

  • Optimum filling volume (560 litres/150 gal) with a lower container height
  • Use of the proven pallets from our 1,000 and 1,250 litre models with the dimension of 1,200 x 1,000 mm
  • Perfect use of storage and transport space – including in ISO containers thanks to optimum pallet size
  • Superior stability of the steel cage due to four horizontal tubes
  • Large 8-field label plate for detailed product labelling

Datasheet ECOBULK MX 560
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