For industrial plastic packaging the focus is usually on whether the plastic material used is compatible with the filling product. Until now, potential risks within the manufacturing process have been largely disregarded. This can lead to serious contamination. Minimise the contamination risk for your filling
products with SCHÜTZ CLEANCERT.

SCHÜTZ CLEANCERT IBCs are produced specifically for use in applications where the technical cleanliness and safety of the packaging are essential. The very highest hygiene and safety standards apply to material, product and production process for SCHÜTZ’s CLEANCERT IBCs.

In a continual improvement process, SCHÜTZ aims to achieve increasingly high cleanliness standards for CLEANCERT, and uses as its benchmarks the standards set by highly demanding industries, such as the automotive, coatings, electrochemical and peroxidesectors.

Like our FOODCERT standard, which is based on FSSC 22000, one of the highest cleanliness and safety standards, CLEANCERT uses detailed HACCP analyses based on FMEA methodology to eliminate contamination risks along the entire packaging manufacturing process.

With the use of appropriate management systems and by implementing comprehensive preventive measures, our SCHÜTZ CLEANCERT containers set a new standard in technical cleanliness and safety to protect your filling products.

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Risk management for quality sensitive filling products

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