for more safety in ex-zones.

SCHÜTZ offers packaging specially designed for the challenging use in ex-zones; thanks to our innovative Security Layer technology, this packaging ideally complies with the basic requirements for packaging systems:

Compliance with the
highest safety standards
Maximum handling
Absolute economic

Legal requirements for the use of ex-zone packaging:

Use in an ex-zone, irrespective of the properties of the filling goods
(IEC/TS 60079-32-1:2013 &
TRGS 727:2016)

The filling product has a flash point of ≤ 60 degrees Celsius (ADR

More safety and quality assurance thanks to the EVOH permeation barrier

Our SCHÜTZ Security-Layer Technology enables us to produce plastic containers with up to six different layers.

3  Layers

Depending on the technical requirements, SCHÜTZ ECOBULKs are equipped with an inner bottle that has either a thin antistatic or a conductive outer layer. A conductive connection on the valve prevents the filling product from becoming statically charged. Additionally, the containers can be supplied with protection for sensitive filling goods against light and UV radiation.

6  Layers

In addition to a conductive or antistatic outer layer, an EVOH permeation barrier can be integrated as an inner layer. Increased protection against permeation provides additional safety and economy, particularly for IBCs filled with highly permeable products, e.g. substances containing solvents. For example, this effectively prevents the formation of an explosive atmosphere inside the container when IBCs are being transported in ISO containers.

The following SCHÜTZ IBCs are approved for the use in ex-zones 1 and 2 and for the transport of liquids with a flashpoint ≤ 60° C and a minimum ignition energy of > 0.2 mJ:

SCHÜTZ IBCs for ex-zones with an additional EVOH permeation barrier