DISCOVER OUR COMPREHENSIVE range of services and products for packaging and logistics.

In increasingly complex supply chains, we aim to offer our customers individual solutions that allow us to continue to master global challenges together. This includes lasting protecting the high quality of the filling product and the reduction of costs while at the same time effectively protecting the environment and valuable natural resources. 

A complete system solution – the IBC as a logistics tool.

As a logistics tool. The IBC is the centrepiece of a global concept that unites all the benefits of disposable packing with those of a recycling system …


SCHÜTZ Supply Chain Optimisation – holistic packaging solutions.

At SCHÜTZ we offers customers an integrated full concept and competent advice in all matters relating to packaging and transport. In …


Superior product performance thanks to quality and originality.

In a composite IBC the perfect interaction between the individual components determines the quality and the performance of the packaging decisively. As there are practically no IBC components that are not safety relevant, SCHÜTZ develops and tests all components with regard to …


Permeation poses a threat to your packaged filling products.

Special gases, vapours and liquids have the chemical ability to gradually diffuse through or permeate solid bodies, such as the walls of an IBC inner bottle. This process of permeation takes place if there is a difference between the partial pressure inside and outside the container …


Packaging for greater safety in ex-zones.

SCHÜTZ offers packaging specially designed for the challenging use in ex-zones; thanks to our innovative Security Layer technology, this packaging ideally complies with the basic requirements for packaging systems.