SCHÜTZ G2 120L plastic drum (SVR)

An integral part of our packaging offering, Schutz Australia both manufactures and manages fleets of Small Volume Refillable (SVR) containers generally used in the Agricultural chemical industry.

Fitted with a SCHÜTZ designed Dry break valve and diptube to prevent exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals, these 100 - 120L drums are available as new for particularly sensitive applications or through a more economical washed system. Customers can achieve additional product protection by choosing to have drums manufactured with specific ring colour to allow the simple identification of previously filled goods.

The SCHÜTZ Australia offering is unique as participation in this program ensures the collection of empty containers from over 1600 locations in Australia. Automated SVR reconditioning facilities are located in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane offering a national network for users. Storage is also available for high seasonal volumes.

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