Full System Solution –
the IBC as a logistics tool.

As a logistics tool, the SCHÜTZ ECOBULK is the very heart of a global concept that combines the benefits of one-way packaging with those of a closed-loop system.

 In addition to offering safety, efficiency and sustainability, SCHÜTZ packaging comes as a zero-administration system, which means that customers and users all over the world can keep their packaging and logistics costs to a minimum while at the same time benefiting from maximum flexibility.

SCHÜTZ develops, designs and produces the SCHÜTZ ECOBULK as a packaging solution for worldwide use.

To ensure globally consistent quality and compatibility, we base our production system on maximum possible in-house manufacture and consistent standardisation.

For full process control and reliability within our worldwide production network, we develop and build all the necessary production equipment, machinery and moulds ourselves.

That is why SCHÜTZ ECOBULKs offer maximum transport safety and continuously controlled product quality complete with hazardous goods certification.

Individual configurability guarantees that the requirements of your filling goods and subsequent supply chain processes can be met by means of appropriate adjustments to the IBC.

The global SCHÜTZ network provides free collection of used ECOBULKs under the SCHÜTZ TICKET SERVICE.

Natural resources are preserved and carbon emissions reduced thanks to eco-efficient reconditioning in SCHÜTZ’ own certified plants.

Safer handling of IBCs –
ask us, we will be happy to advise you.

Even the safest packaging systems cannot fulfil its purpose if it is damaged as a result of poor handling or because it was not properly secured during transport.

On request, our Technical Customer Service team will be happy to assist all IBC users by providing the following information: tcs@schuetz.net

Booklet Secure Loads

It contains numerous illustrations and pictures showing the best ways to secure IBCs for transport by truck or marine container

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IBC Handling Guide

It provides general information about product components, the way they function as a unit and the tests they must pass as well as valuable tips on storage, filling and emptying, suitability for specific filling goods, use in ex zones and plenty more besides.

Request IBC Handling Guide: tcs@schuetz.net

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