IL SCHÜTZ TICKET SERVICE Offre  i vantaggi di un servizio unico.


  • Raccolta degli IBC entro pochi giorni lavorativi
  • Le informazioni sono subito disponibili - il vostro contatto STS può dare tutte le risposte necessarie sul ritiro degli IBC
  • Richiesta di ritiro online, veloce e comoda, oppure via e-mail o telefono


  • Collection of anything from small numbers of containers to entire truckloads
  • You’d like to specify your collection times? Talk to us!
  • Are there any individual requirements as regards logistical solutions or your IBC return system? We’ll help you get them sorted!


  • Collection and reconditioning in all major industrial regions around the world
  • We have our own global network of reconditioning and production sites for original SCHÜTZ components
  • One standard of service quality applies worldwide


  • Reconditioning processes comply with the most stringent environmental and safety standards
  • Conservation of precious natural resources thanks to recycling coupled with guaranteed traceability of reused material
  • Replacement with original SCHÜTZ components of inner bottles, valves and closures – for reconditioned IBCs that ensure full product safety