One SYSTEM – a world of advantages.

Whether you use reconditioned RECOBULKs or new SCHÜTZ ECOBULKs – you benefit from the highest levels of quality and safety.

The packaging is produced all over the world in accordance with uniform standards; it is globally useable, fully compatible and freely interchangeable within the system. The demands of your supply chain are optimally met.


  • Availability in a standardized specification is guaranteed
  • Highly robust and stable under dynamic and static loads
  • Outstanding stacking stability and safety
  • Optimised for use in high-bay storage systems, for conveyor and handling systems and for dispatch in ISO containers

PS 17-055 kachelmotive_SCHÜTZ-POLSKA_6x4_2150x1970_lay.indd


  • Complete system with OEM quality
  • Maximum safety thanks to new inner bottles
  • All components are OEM parts
  • Tested complete system with UN approval
  • All QM-relevant processes and parameters are globally standardised


  • Worldwide collection and reconditioning with the SCHÜTZ TICKET SERVICE
  • Comprehensive technical advice, e.g. product choice, suitability for specific filling products, specifications
  • Implementation of customer wishes, e.g. special collection times and logistical solutions


  • Global availability and usability
  • Highest delivery flexibility and safety
  • Secure supply of materials
    and components