SCHÜTZ Nordic Proclaimed “Company of the Year”.

The sixth Company of the Year award for the Glåmdalen region of Norway was announced on 18 February 2013. This year, the coveted award sponsored by Hedmark savings bank and the local daily newspaper, Glåmdalen, went to our production plant in Kongsvinger. In the jury’s considered opinion, SCHÜTZ Nordic has In the past few years distinguished itself through consistent growth and in doing so enhanced the standing of Kongsvinger as a centre of industry. SCHÜTZ Nordic’s relocation to a larger site in 2011 and its investments in cutting-edge production technology have resulted in a significant increase in its production capacities and also boosted exports to Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

SCHÜTZ Nordic’s General Manager, Erik Platek, accepted the award and the prize money of 3000 euros, at a grand presentation ceremony attended by 600 guests from the words of politics and business. The money will benefit social projects initiated by the company’s employees.

In 2015 we built a new storage at Kongsvinger. Now we have a total of 6786 square meters of warehouse for our IBCs. In the same process we built a dedicated warehouse for storage of FSSC approved IBCs that are inside a closed store. It contributes to better quality and cleanliness of our IBCs used for food. Overall, we now have 9586 square meters of storage space for IBCs.