RECONTAINER – The highest quality cross-bottling with brand new, certified SCHÜTZ universal inner bottles.


Reconditioning with certified processes that comply with the highest environmental and safety standards in state-of-the-art SCHÜTZ facilities:

  • The used inner bottle is replaced with a new SCHÜTZ universal inner bottle
  • The old label plate is replaced with a new SCHÜTZ RECONTAINER universal label plate
  • Good quality, reusable third-party steel cages and pallets are washed and all necessary repairs are made
  • Supply with a uniform specification and single-variety shipments
  • Can be returned using the SCHÜTZ TICKET SERVICE

With the new RECONTAINER, SCHÜTZ is making a further contribution to the conservation of natural resources:

  • Standard IBC models from other manufacturers are reconditioned according to SCHÜTZ’s quality  standards and offered with a uniform specification
  • Economic and safe reco-IBC for simple applications and uses

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