ECOBULK WINE-STORE-AGE – Highest food safety and cost-effectiveness in wine production.


Discover the new way of getting perfect results with your wine.

  • Plastic containers for wine and other foods must comply with strict specifications. Our WINE-STORE-AGE ECOBULK is certified in accordance with SCHÜTZ FOODCERT – our premium standard for food safety, which far exceeds the standards specified in FDA tests and approvals for the materials used
  • A SCHÜTZ is the first manufacturer to offer IBCs with an integrated EVOH permeation barrier. This gives you complete control over how much oxygen comes into contact with the wine and protects the quality of your product
  • SCHÜTZ continued the experiments started by the AWRI (Australian Wine Research Institute) together with an Australian wine-grower from Central Victoria in order to determine the suitability of IBCs for wine storage and maturing. The result: Wine matures to premium quality in the SCHÜTZ WINE-STORE-AGE IBC!
  • Ideal for export: Turn waiting time into transport time! Your wine could already be on its way to your target market while it matures for those last few weeks

With the WINE-STORE-AGE IBC we are presenting you with a completely new solution that offers a wide range of benefits along the entire storage and maturing chain compared with conventional containers.

  • Much lower purchase cost and lower cost of working capital
  • Fully transportable at all times, including during storage and maturing
  • More efficient use of space thanks to the cubic shape
  • Space-saving stackability (up to 4 high)
  • Lower transport and storage costs per litre
  • Safer and easier handling, e.g. with forklift trucks
  • Superior hygiene, long service life, easy-to-clean container
  • No product loss due to evaporation
  • Simplified decanting process, e.g. for bottle filling

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