ECOBULK HX for automotive applications –
The guarantee for excellent coating results


ECOBULK HX – Your advantages

  • With the ECOBULK HX you can save time and costs compared with multiple-use stainless steel containers
  • Additionally, you avoid the considerable costs associated with coating faults and inclusions that can result from the contamination of your filling products
  • The highest level of packaging cleanliness – you always get a brand new inner bottle
  • There is no inherent risk of contamination with the remains of cleaning products or product residues from previous cycles
  • No administration required – You do not need to manage a container pool, track container locations or repair packaging
  • Lower investment – The cost of acquisition and capital commitment for the ECOBULK HX is a fraction of that required for stainless steel systems
  • No overheads – There are no tracking, collection, cleaning, repair or maintenance costs
  • Up to 75 % time savings depending on the filling product – The geometry of the ECOBULK HX is specially designed to provide excellent stirring results from a residual volume of 50 litres and faster emptying
  • Greater transport and storage efficiency – Significantly lower storage and logistics costs thanks to lower tare weight and space-saving design
  • Collection and reconditioning by the SCHÜTZ TICKET SERVICE

The new ECOBULK HX was developed especially for highly viscous products such as varnishes and coatings.

  • The 1,000-litre IBC unites a compact size with outstanding technical characteristics for fast, simple filling and emptying
  • Even with a pump, residual emptying is close to 100 %
  • The IBC is also designed to ensure optimum stirring processes, giving you perfect results and allowing even low filling levels to be completely stirred
  • Optional supplied with disposable SCHÜTZ IMPELLER for safe and efficient stirring  without having to open the container

Brochure SCHÜTZ ECOBULK HX Automotive
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Datasheet ECOBULK HX
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