SCHÜTZ Drums F1 & S-DS1 – Inside layer natural.


Drums with an inner layer made of natural, high quality IBC inner bottle material.

  • Technically the best solution for PE drums through the SCHÜTZ Security Layer Technology
  • Excellent material compatibility through the natural HDPE the inside of the drums
  • No colour pigments on the inside, therefore the highest purity and best protection of filling product quality
  • Further enhanced resistance to stress cracking
  • More flexibility in the choice of packaging – Products filled into IBCs can in most cases, simply be transferred to drums

PE-drums with an enhanced performance and increased filling product compatibility.

  • Use of the same „A-grade materials“ for the drum inner layer as for the SCHÜTZ ECOBULK inner bottles
  • Therefore, a respective expansion of the possible spectrum of filling products for PE-drums as for IBCs

Datasheet SCHÜTZ Natural Layer F1 and S-DS1
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